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Mind-Body Energy Wellbeing Workshop

Join us for the Mind-Body Energy Wellbeing Workshop and process your underlying beliefs around being and feeling exhausted with no energy, tired, unmotivated, rundown, drained, always pushing yourself and putting yourself last... that are creating limitations in your life. ​


You will receive a reference chart at the workshop and learn techniques, tools and natural remedies, that assist you in creating your desired changes and you can keep using them even after the workshop for more profound changes. ​


We explore how emotions effect the body and then use various natural remedies to start creating changes you desire, be it feeling energetic, light, refreshed, revitalised, invigorated, centred and to allow you to have a balanced mind-body energy in your life. ​ This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in creating change and having more ease in their life. ​


There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.


Duration: 3 hours
Investment: $180 inc. GST
Delivery: In-person or Online
Pre-requisite: None


This Wellbeing Workshop is offered both in-person and online through a Certified Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator.


Mind Body Energy Wellbeing Workshop

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