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Kinesiology is a powerful, gentle natural therapy that uses muscle reflex testing to tap into the subconscious mind to identify where the cause of your stress or imbalance is coming from. It is able to assess energy and body function through your entire system. This creates a profound and permanent shift allowing you to clear stresses and be in balance and alignment. By clearing stress, the body is in a better position to heal.


Kinesiology always focuses on clearing the root cause of the emotional imbalance and/or symptom, it does not just deal with the symptoms or mask the symptoms. We shift and clear the cause/imbalance and create optimal flow for the bodies energy system which brings the body into alignment, a state of balance and harmony. Kinesiology is quick and specific in identifying the underlying cause and determining the best remedy to resolve the imbalance to put your body back into alignment. This creates changes on all levels, enabling your body to naturally heal.


In Kinesiology we work with all types of stress using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as natural remedies to determine what the body needs to bring it back into a state of balance.

Kinesiology helps expand our awareness of the patterns of stress and pain that show up in all areas of our lives and can help to shift almost anything that you are struggling with. Kinesiologists understand that when pain and stress show up for us, that there is something deeper. There is always an underlying emotional connection and often a repressed unprocessed emotionally charged memory buried within the subconscious mind. When we experience stress, pain or negative emotions, our body is trying to tell us something. Within the Chinese Medicinal belief, physical symptoms are simply manifestations of emotional imbalances. The body is always communicating with us and when we listen we can create changes.

Muscle reflex testing is a natural bio-feedback system that we use in a Kinesiology balance, which supplies information via the nerve pathways and meridian systems of the brain and body, known as our subconscious. Our subconscious mind holds our memories, traumas, limitations, beliefs and all our programming imbalances and stresses. Muscle testing is a vital part of a Kinesiology session.

Using your arm, we apply gentle pressure to find where these imbalances and stresses are. By using muscle reflex testing and using various powerful, yet gentle techniques, we are able to instantly access information held by our subconscious to identify and locate blocks, stresses and imbalances to create change.

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Muscle Reflex Testing

Each Session is unique and personal provided in a safe confidential space to create the changes you and your body require. Clients experience feeling lighter, clearer, more present and empowered after sessions and aligned with their goal or desired outcome.

As part of your session, you're provided with home reinforcement activites to support the balance, like a flower essence, or other remedies that test up to ensure you take responsibility for your healing.

Kinesiologists facilitate you in raising your awareness to be aligned with your true purpose and to support you in being who you were created to truly be, by clearing energetic blocks and allowing your energy to flow freely through your body.

Kinesiology is beneficial, suitable and safe for babies, children, women and men of all ages.

Kinesiologists do not diagnose, prescribe or cure symptoms or disease.

Remedies Used In a Session

In Kinesiology we bring into balance all aspects of you, using natural remedies and tools that test up for you during your Kinesiology balance using muscle testing.


Some of the natural remedies we use to correct the imbalances include:

  • Essential Oils

  • Flower Essences

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Sound/Vibrational Therapy

  • Colour Therapy

  • Meridian balancing with acupressure points

  • Element Balancing Sprays & Oils

  • Chakra Balancing Sprays & Oils

  • Neuro-Emotional Reflex Points

  • Connection Points

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Wellbeing Balancing Oils

  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

  • Walking and Breathing (Cross Crawl Pattern)

  • And many more...

Kinesiology clears stress in the body... Every part of our physical body relates to something emotional going on in our life.  When we raise awareness to the emotional connection, then clear the stress or block, we allow the body to be brought into balance and heal.

Benefits of a Kinesiology Balance:

  • Aligning you with your purpose & a deeper sense of self

  • Behaviour & Communication Changes

  • Brain integration & Memory

  • Confidence, self-acceptance, self-esteem & self-worth

  • Clarity, focus & motivation

  • Energy levels

  • Feel lighter, calmer, relaxed & connected

  • Feel happier & content within yourself

  • Let go of self-sabotage patterns & outdated programming that is holding you back

  • Release Emotional & Physical Pain

  • Stress & Trauma relief

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